Company Introduction

Shanghai shenmeng metal products processing co.,LTD was established in shanghai Songjiang district xinqiao town, in cooperation with Neplos corporation in Yokohama, Japan.  we deal with chemical polishing of stainless steel and other metals( copper,steel,aluminum and titanium alloy). we process chemical polishing of customer provided materials, offer process solutions and relevant technical service. 


We can perform microburr removal, smoothing mirror surfaces, superpolighing surfaces, enhancing corrosion resistance, reducing surface absorption, and improving reflectivity.  


We process various component parts, achieving μm level chemical cleaning and burr removal on inner and outer surfaces.


The chemical polishing technology we are using is applied in a variety of fields such as semiconductor, precision machinery, medical equipment, nuclear power industry, aviation, food chemistry and hardware tools.  It has been widely adopted by many leading companies as their exclusive technology, chemical cleaning has already met or exceeded international standards.


Adopted in high tech industry, chemical polishing process technology can polish the inner wall for any length and diameter of straight or curved stainless steel pipe, known as EP/CP pipe, achieving mirror like 

Ra≤0.10μm, improving such qualities as corrosion resistance, dust absorption, anti-adhesion, sanitation, smoothness, superior visual aesthetics, the technology can be used to process and manufacture various types of apparatus and equipment.